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Research excellence, the kind that improves and changes people’s lives, requires lasting and concerted efforts. The IRCM and its researchers deploy a global strategy to add value to research, accelerate our understanding of diseases and discover new ways to prevent them. To give life to research, the IRCM works on multiple fronts to make its research projects an important part of an equation that benefits the entire community.



Internationally recognized

The IRCM is a centre of excellence in health research that integrates a fundamental and clinical research approach to accelerate our knowledge of diseases and create socioeconomic value.

IRCM researchers continuously push the limits of knowledge to better understand, diagnose, and treat diseases. The Institute is recognized for the quality of its researchers and their major contributions to improving health.


Clinical research
and personalized

Patient connections

The IRCM offers ultra-specialized clinical services to its patients in a global healthcare concept. It is also the only place in Canada that ensures a smooth transition from pediatric medical care to adult medical care for patients with rare or genetic diseases.

The IRCM brings research and patients together to gain a better understanding of diseases in order to improve how they are managed or promote recovery, with the end goal of improving patient well-being.


Training the next generation  
of researchers

Purveyor of excellence

The IRCM is an open and inclusive environment where providing quality training for the next generation of scientific researchers is a shared priority.

Our researchers are true purveyors of knowledge. They actively contribute to creating a relevant and defining academic environment that inspires curiosity and fosters a commitment to research excellence.


through research

Giving back to the community

Developing a concrete medical application that starts with a research idea is one of our research groups’ greatest challenges.

The IRCM actively works to create value through its research activities and to promote knowledge transfer, both of which are essential elements of research development. Giving life to research is one of the most efficient ways to create value and give back to your community.

60 million

Thanks to the generosity of our donors and partners, the IRCM Foundation has brought in more than $60 million since 1974 to support health research carried out at the Institute.

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Major fundraising campaign for the IRCM Foundation

Major fundraising campaign
for the IRCM

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